Additional Work

I absolutely love taking on new writing & speaking opportunities. Here’s a list of other places you can find some of my guest blog posts & features! You can also access my online writing portfolio here.

Please feel free to contact me at to set up future guest post features, or collaboration opportunities.

Mavenly + Co.

3 part podcast series:

Exploring Your Money Mindset

Managing Your Money as a Millennial

Taking Your Finances to the Next Level


August 3rd, 2015: #MoneyMinute Contest – One Easy Exercise To Replace Your Gym Membership

Huffington Post Money

August 24th, 2015: 30 Fast Tips For a More Frugal Life

Chelsea Krost

January 20th, 2015: Be The Connector: Connecting Your Network Brings Surprise Returns
January 26th, 2015: 5 Ways to Captivate Your Interview Panel
February 2nd, 2015: Investments That Are Not Just Money Related
February 9th, 2015: I Know I Need a Budget, But How?
February 16th, 2015: How to Save Money to Reward Yourself

Justine Santaniello: JustHaves

June 10th, 2015: Life Events Galore and 5 Ways to Financially Account For

Millennial Money Man

August 31st, 2015: The 50/50 Split: Renting versus Buying


October 16th, 2015: ionGuest feature – 10 things I know in my 20’s about money 

 Gen Y Finance Guy: Freedom Fighter Interview Series

July 23rd, 2015: Freedom Fighter Interview #10 – Alyssa Windell

Chasity Cooper: Millennial on a Mission

March 13th, 2015: Millennial on a Mission: Alyssa Windell

Hannah Becker: The Motivated Millennial

March 3rd, 2015: Millennial Spotlight: Alyssa Windell


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