Saying Hi to a Hiatus

Hey everyone, thanks for coming on by this week (despite the title you read and may be questioning).

I’m feeling a bit maxed out right now. Between a new job, planning a wedding, digging in with a steering committee to put on the first Young Professional Summit in Eugene before June, keeping up with family & friends, focusing on my health, and everything in between – there just comes a time you need to take a pause & breathe. 

Unfortunately, my energy needs to be put into particular aspects of my life that are happening soon with 100% focus and mental clarity. I have decided to say hi to a hiatus here at

I’ll be around on social media, so I’ll still be interacting! I just need to take some time from the blog before I run myself too thin. This is a balance I’ve been working to maintain since graduating from college. When I say “yes” to too many different things, I tend to lose balance within. 

I’ll be back soon – but ’till then, I’m going on a brief pause with content for the time being! 

Thank you all for your continued following & support – you all seriously rock. 

P.S. If you’re a young professional (ages 20-40) in the Eugene area, definitely consider coming to the first ever Young Professional Summit! A full day event set to inform, inspire, and get you involved. Check out, or find us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you there!