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  1. Legitimately every single one of your fitness thoughts are mine haha! I have almost completed my 6-week workout program for January, but in doing so, I’ve definitely had days where I didn’t push myself as hard as I could. Because I workout 4x a week, have soccer 2x a week, and do cardio 3x a week, I quite often slack. I think it might be best to cut down on cardio or workouts to ensure I’m pushing myself to the limits.

    What kind of workouts do you do, if you don’t mind me asking? Because you look phenomenal!

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    1. Isn’t it just madness sometimes,
      Alyssa?! haha. Great job on completing your 6-week program!! I have to remind myself with some of those things, that oftentimes people are committing every minute of the day to creating & exercising, and may not have restraints of other endeavors (like work in an office for example lol). Thanks so much for the compliment – that’s too sweet of you!! I am all across the board for my workouts (I am trying to focus more on cross-training), but here are the basic points I try to focus on each week:

      1. At least 4 hard work outs per week/weekend (if I can get my heart rate up for at least 15mins on rest days, that’s fantastic)
      2. Apartment gym 2x a week, home workout 2x a week
      3. 2 work outs of the week are strictly focused on strengthening and toning (there are several bo-flex type machines, and weight balls at our gym available for use). Circuit training between arms & legs – 50 reps per exercise.
      4. 1-2 work outs a week are spent at home (via YouTube/streaming I select either a Pilates work out, or an all-over body work out which I usually use Popsugar fitness)
      4. If I would like to focus on either cardio or strengthening, I’ve been using an app called SworkIt which curates work outs and guides you through them, while you can listen to your own music on your phone!
      5. Intermittently, I go on a 3-6mile run outside when I get the urge (but lately the weather has been awful outside lol)

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      1. OKAY, you need to write a post specifically about this, because you have it down! I think my body has become used to doing circuits which is what I always do, so I need to shock myself with something new. So when you say 50 reps, would you do say
        50 air squats
        50 lateral raises
        50 situps

        Thanks for answering all of my annoying questions hahaha.Also, I definitely want to try SworkIt!


      2. I just might have to do that, Alyssa!! If you have anymore questions – feel free to reach out! I’m always looking for more accountability partners (especially since work outs for the wedding are more on the mind :)). When I do 50 reps for strengthening & toning, this is the type of circuit I typically set up (and pick any desired amount of weight! 50 reps is usually a lot, so to prevent fatigue I typically pick less weight)

        50 quad presses
        50 calf raises
        50 tricep pull downs
        50 bicep curls
        50 squats
        50 arm rows
        50 arm presses
        50 leg extensions
        50 leg curls

        If I mix some cardio with these days, I also incorporate jump roping (100x fast), burpees, and some exercises I learned training in dance throughout my life – plies, kicks, and some pylometrics!

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    2. Of course, I may not have this much working out in the week because life can get hectic & my schedule doesn’t allow for it – but if I can at least stretch during those crazy weeks I go for that!


  2. I think there’s a lot of wisdom here, Alyssa. You have such a thoughtful way of approaching your goals. “Half the battle is dealing with the inner workings of your mind playing tug of war on what you should & shouldn’t do” — so true! 🙂 And I love your comment that a photo is just a tiny snapshot of someone’s life.

    My main financial goal for 2015 was to track every penny I spent — and I did it! This year is going to be a lot more about student loan repayment, once I get my employment situation figured out. Regarding fitness, I think I just have to accept the fact that I HATE RUNNING and so need to pay for yoga/fitness classes in order to stay healthy. But that’s okay, because health is important. (And expensive, no matter how you look at it.)

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    1. Thank you, Sarah!! That’s so fantastic that you accomplished your financial goal for 2015, it’s such an incredible feeling. I have no doubts that you’re going to land an amazing job & put a great game plan into place to pay off your student loans (we’re all rooting for ya in the PF community)! Hahah I was so on board with hating running too, but yoga/fitness classes also do wonders! Health is incredibly important – and that’s definitely one thing I do not want to skimp on, I’m with ya right there! 🙂


  3. This is a great way to analyze things. I love it! I got an unexpected raise this year as well (again, thanks to my daughter jumping on me and accidentally hitting “Send” on a very abrupt email demanding a raise). As for fitness, I did Zumba a bunch and thought I’d feel great but my hips started hurting more and I was constantly exhausted (is 30 OLD?!), so I’m focusing on walking more and I’ll move up from there. Baby steps, right? 🙂

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    1. That unexpected raise story is so fantastic, Maggie! Usually when I think of kids jumping on a bed, the song “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” pops in my mind (which we know those outcomes)! Receiving a raise from sending an email abruptly – amazing! It’s amazing what types of exercises jive/don’t jive with our bodies (I was the same way with CrossFit, just couldn’t do it without feeling extreme physical pain & exhaustion). Baby steps is perfect, and sooner or later you will be up to where you want to be!


  4. I love that you’re keeping such a flexible attitude about your big goal categories — that’s SO much healthier than measuring your progress against something rigid. And I especially love that you acknowledge the positive and negative of all of these occurrences. Our culture tends to like to view things in black and white, or to push us to have one particular about feeling about something, when the truth of course is that we can have complicated feelings about anything — a mix of good and bad. Bravo for not dumbing down your feelings to fit the mold. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, ONL!! I just found that when I was incredibly strict with my goals, I sometimes lost sight of life passing me by. I am very much a lover of the “grey area” and completely embrace the complication. 🙂 It can be tough to break away from the mold, but oftentimes its for the best when you surpass your comfort zones!

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  5. Wow. So much to take in here!

    Regarding being fit, I’ve started to think of it like I think of budgeting – by tracking every meal and every workout. I’m also weighing myself daily to keep myself in check in case I have a bad day or to motivate me further when I lose a pound or two!

    With any extra money we receive (windfalls, raises, extra money) I make sure that it goes to some future purpose immediately (savings, investing, college funds). Since we budget at the beginning of the month and are pretty frugal in general this allows us to get ahead!

    My financial goals in 2015 was to just get better out our finances. We’ve saved more, invested more and are overall much more aware of what we spend our money on. This year we plan to up the ante and get more into investing! In addition to finding a job (got a couple leads right now 🙂 ) I want to have consistent side income to help supplement our goals.

    Good luck on your financial fitness goals!

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    1. Vic, that’s such a great way to view fitness! We all know how tracking works with our finances – so why not apply it to fitness as well? Great motivation! You’ve got a great thing going with putting windfalls/raises straight to savings goals immediately. I like to think of that as delayed gratification! It sounds like you absolutely nailed all of your 2015 goals, and I think 2016 will have a ton of store for you. I am so happy to hear you have a couple of leads for a new job, keep us posted! 🙂


  6. I love the way you laid this out because it’s SO true! I often have the negative mindset, followed by a forced positive and then hit the middle ground, haha. I also love that you keep track of your progress! I definitely want to start doing that because life can feel so overwhelming sometimes and it’s nice to have PROOF that you are moving towards your goals, even if it’s slower than you would have liked.

    For finances, I REALLY want to increase my freelance/extra money. I’m aiming for a few thousand by the middle of the year, so wish me luck, cause I think I’ll probably need it 😉
    For fitness, I’m on Week 1 of a 12 week program (normally I just run, but the program includes abs, arms, legs, etc.) and I want to become a certified Pilates instructor as well. So many goals, such few months! hahah. Good luck with your goals this year. I can’t wait to watch everything you accomplish 🙂

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    1. That method of approach works great for me! I try to be as positive as I can be, but also try to be realistic as well. 🙂 The proof is amazing – and keeping that type of journal is such a sigh of relief/breath of fresh air! When life gets complicated, it’s hard to remind yourself of all that you have accomplished. That’s a great goal for your freelancing, and I’m wishing you all the luck & good vibes there are!! Week 1 & done, keep up the fantastic work for your fitness program – and that is SO cool you want to become a certified Pilates instructor. I love Pilates & it’s definitely something I’ve contemplated if time permitted (working on it)! Thanks so much, Taylor! I can’t wait to hear about your progress as well. 🙂


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