14 thoughts on “Best Money Saving Tip: DISTRACTION

  1. We loooooovvvvvve the new ad-free Hulu for getting rid of those commercial temptations. So worth the extra $4 a month!

    Love all of your ideas — we are big fans of going for a walk or hike as a great distraction, and I pretty much have my Kindle in my hands any time I’m not glued to my computer. 🙂

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    1. Anything ad-free is amazing & I definitely think that’s worth the extra $4!! It’s an extra $4 that combats the idea of making a splurge on a $100+ purchase from a commercial. 😉

      Walks & hikes are amazing! It’s incredible how many pathways have yet to be discovered in the city you live in. Kindle & books are definitely my favorite kind of distractions. Thank you, fantastic public library. 🙂

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  2. “Suddenly, money becomes just an object that can get you to the next best temporary high.”

    100% accurate! I find in my past I was so interested in spending money just because I felt like I needed to feel like I accomplished something that day. Which meant I had to spend money to make my day complete. So ridiculous.

    These days I am all about distracting myself from spending. I normally make “free” plans with friends whether it’s a movie night in or a walk/run. It becomes more fun and exciting to do new things and get creative through distractions than many people think. Why spend when you can save? Always the first question I ask myself before making a purchase these days.

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    1. I was exactly the same way, Alyssa! I was hooked on the idea of simply just the act of making a purchase. It was a terrible habit. I look back on those days & just laugh – amazing how much can change!

      Love your methods of distraction! It’s so true, once you think outside the typical ways to entertain – you discover new ways that are actually more interactive, engaging & fun! Way to practice intentional spending, I dig it. 🙂

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  3. Distraction always works for me as well. If I don’t GO to Target, I don’t BUY anything from Target. If the malaise involves some sort of cabin fever, I try to get my kids and I out of the house to hang with friends or play in the snow. If the malaise is because of a yucky week, or I feel like I just want to spend money, I start playing with spreadsheets. Because I’m a geek. Playing with compounding calculators really helps me see that early retirement can actually happen and there are a million routes to getting there. When I discover a new one based on my own numbers, I write it down as an alternative to the current plan. Then I’m motivated all over again to getting there!

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    1. Yes, Maggie!! Exactly!! If you don’t give in to going all the time, you don’t give in to spending. 🙂 (Target is one of my biggest weaknesses I need to go in with a determined game plan & only specific items to buy lol…). Spreadsheets & snow! Those are two of my favorite “S” words. 🙂 You should definitely write something on that! When you expose yourself to how many ways & plans can get you to your goals – it’s definitely motivating! It makes all of the goals not feel like such a task and you’ll get there soon. 🙂


  4. It’s definitely hard to not get sucked into all the marketing! We live in a culture that goes “shopping” to kill time and encourages us to buy the newest car, phone, or clothes because we “deserve it”. I know I get suckered every now and then to buy something I don’t really need.

    Rather then distracting myself, I find that focusing all my attention to what I’m about to buy helps me really analyze if I should be making the purchase. I think to myself – will I feel good about this purchase an hour, a day, a week from now? What would I be giving up if I buy this? That usually cuts a lot of my frivolous spending like a random cup of coffee when I’m just around a Starbucks.

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    1. Isn’t it tough that close to our whole lifetime the culture has been just that in marketing?! It’s great when we become mindful consumers – and know how to shake off all the nonsense from time to time. 🙂 This is a very great point! Focus (rather than distraction) is just as important when it comes to analyzing your purchases. Asking those questions really help you hone in on what purchases will be best for you in the present & the future! Great thought, Vic!

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    1. Absolutely true! You cannot control everything. Putting aside money allows you to have the peace of mind & freedom that when life does happen – you aren’t in an absolute bind. Thanks for coming by!


  5. This is such a fantastic post and exactly what we have been doing to combat our spending habits. We used to feel bored and go out to stores to “just look” but ended up spending a ton of money. We have started going to the library to check out books instead of going to a bookstore and just buying things that “seem interesting”, we have been cooking all of our meals at home and trying out new recipes, we don’t watch TV outside of Netflix (no ads) and the NFL (most ads are for beer and cars). It’s been an interesting journey so far avoiding things that would suck up our money just from us being bored. Now that it’s a little more chilly outside I plan on us going on more walks and things outdoors so we won’t be tempted to spend anything from being stir crazy.

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    1. Hi Bailey – thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂 I am incredibly happy to hear that you’ve successfully tried these tips to combat spending habits. We LOVE the public library – it’s one of our favorite places to have dates. I think about all the books we’ve checked out & read over the past 3 years, and that a long is some serious savings if we were to buy those books instead. It can be challenging at times, but it sounds like you have some great things to combat the boredom! When it’s chilly outside & the holidays roll around, I absolutely love this time. More opportunities to drive around, sip on some homemade hot cocoa, and look at festive decorations in the neighborhood!

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