Talking Swagbucks with Emmy Award Winning: Elisabeth Leamy

‘Tis the season for…saving money?! That’s right, there is a way to help alleviate the stress of all the spending that may occur during this bustling holiday season. Why not put some cash back in your wallet?

I was beyond fortunate to have the opportunity to interview 13 time Emmy Award winning TV personality Elisabeth Leamy. Check out this video below featuring our phone interview on how Swagbucks can save you some serious dough this holiday season! 


Hope you enjoyed this interview with Elisabeth Leamy on all the goodness that Swagbucks has to offer!


4 thoughts on “Talking Swagbucks with Emmy Award Winning: Elisabeth Leamy

  1. Great interview!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Swagbucks! I’ve been wanting to write a Swagbucks centric blog post myself. I earn at least $50 a month in giftcards a month (maybe more since I have a little more time on my hands these days 😉 ). I just checked my YNAB and I’ve made $230 so far since I started using it in June!

    I get most of my SB points by streaming videos pretty much all day. Anytime a computer is on, it’s streaming a Swagbucks video in the background. A tip I recently learned is to download the SBTV app, go to the Home and Garden category and favorite any video that says 10 Sec Tip. These are uber quick videos that I run constantly on my phone and iPad anytime I’m not using those devices. The points add up really quick that way!

    These are mostly tasks that can be done in the background while you’re multitasking. There are other methods to get more swagbucks like take surveys, sign up for offers, or buy through their portal, but for the most part I stick to streaming the videos as well as do the daily tasks really quick.

    Another good one is Bing Rewards. I take a minute or two each day maxing out points there and am able to score a $5 Amazon gift card every 18 days or so. It’s not much, but it adds up!

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    1. After my interview with Elisabeth, I learned way more about it! I also had the notion that you had to buy things in order to earn points. Based off Vic’s comment from Dad Is Cheap – he’s had some great experiences by using Swagbucks!

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