Curiosity Makes Cents

“Curiosity allows the possibility that the way we’re doing it now isn’t the only way, or even the best way.”

-Brian Grazer, A Curious Mind, The Secret to a Bigger Life

Curiosity Makes Cents

I wanted to know more about this topic that society typically shuns speaking of: money. I wanted to learn why students taking on debt in astronomical amounts to obtain a degree find it difficult to visualize the weight it would have proceeding their graduation days. I wanted to create a space where people my age who haven’t quite reached their pinnacle of success can learn ways to build wealth along the way of their journey. I wanted to learn the ways of people who live rich lives but remain under the radar. I couldn’t help but allow curiosity to stretch to all of these various places. This is why I find myself learning & writing each and every week on this blog.

It’s a curious thing…wealth that is. Wealth can be defined in a myriad of ways. How I define wealth can be completely contradictory to how you may see it. But curiosity allows me to learn that “wealth” as defined by others will help me shape the way that I inevitably define wealth. By opening my eyes to perspectives and not just creating tunnel vision to my notions, I can establish my definition of wealth as a moving, changing, and expanding theme in life. As Grazer stated in his book A Curious Mind, my view of wealth is surely not the only, or best way. I challenge you to evaluate your definition of wealth, and seek ways to feel more empowered by it.

Curiosity grants us the freedom to flourish without limitation.

Curiosity opens the gates of my mind to determine multiple ways that I can strengthen my financial empowerment.

Curiosity allows me to question whether, or not you have to wear fancy suits with shiny shoes, live in big box houses, and own massive cars in order to have wealth.

Curiosity introduces me to different methods, practices, applications, and innovative ways that people are practicing to reach financial independence.

Curiosity could quite clearly allow me to innocently question how “normal” societal ways could be changed to accommodate each individual’s goals.

With all of these facets that curiosity brings about, I recognize that what I am doing now with money can always be challenged, reconfigured, fortified, or even eradicated. Curiosity provides limitless notions that you do not have to be stuck forever. Debt is not forever. Scraping by is not forever.

Continue to question, learn, and give. Discover new ways to approach things. Not only in regards to wealth, but everything in life around you. When you allow your curiosity to run free, you begin to recognize connections that never may have bridged in your mind before.

My curiosity to explore, learn, build relationships, and focus on my health continues to progress throughout my life. With a new understanding into these aspects of my life, I’ve been able to experience clarity to determine what I value, and focus on what I truly want to spend & save my money for.

I am grateful to have the opportunities to build upon my definition of wealth. I intend to continue expanding my curiosity around building wealth, and hope that you will join me with your curiousness, too.

Curiosity is a wonderful thing, and it makes cents for me.

Stay curious my friends, and cents will surround you throughout your life.

How do you define “wealth?” Does curiosity allow you to reach your goals for wealth/financial independence/minimalism? Let me know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Curiosity Makes Cents

  1. Love this post! Curiosity is so important in life, and most people lose it gradually, and without noticing, as they get older — which is a real tragedy! Staying curious keeps us young, it helps us adapt to challenges, and makes most topics much more interesting. When I was a camp counselor back in the day, and kids would complain about being “bored,” I would remind them that only the boring are bored (tough love, I know!), and encourage them to get curious about something. Love that you’re applying that idea to money, but it’s a really important life lesson for all topics!

    Have a great weekend, Alyssa! 🙂

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    1. It is definitely a tragedy if lost! Keeping young with curiosity is one of my favorite parts. I’m sure that taught those kiddos at camp! What a great way to allow them explore their curiosity at a young age. 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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  2. But curiosity killed the cat….

    Actually I define wealth as the exact antonym of poor. When you are poor, it means you have no sense of security and feel like you need to rely fully on other people because there is nothing you can do by yourself to improve your situation. When you are wealthy, you have a complete sense of security, in that you feel like you can take care of yourself without any help from anyone else. Note that there are people with nothing in their bank accounts making $100 per week who aren’t poor and people making a half million dollars a year who aren’t wealthy. It all has to do with attitude.

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