Finding Equilibrium: #TheRoad to Financial Wellness

The following blog post is part of The Road to Financial Wellness Blog Tour. Over a period of 30 days, the Phroogal team will go to 30 locations to raise awareness about financial empowerment. Today they will be in Portland/Corvallis! Our goal is to help people learn about money by starting the conversation. We understand that local conversations can help bring about national awareness.


What does the road to financial wellness look like to you?

When you immerse yourself in money topics (in communities, online, through professionals, etc.) it is feasible to locate the extremities. On one corner of the internet you can find how frugality can lead to early retirement. On the other hand through media outlets, you can view the lavish lifestyles of those who experience the abundance of wealth and opulence. I’m not knocking either side of the spectrum. Heck, people can make money choices any way that appeals to their liking because they have their own opinions, their own matters, and their own lives that they embody & create. But what about those people that fall in the middle of the scale that may not feel incredibly attuned to the extremities? Maybe they believe they cannot quite fit in to the right financial communities without feeling quite up to par. What about the people who wish to shape their personal finances, but cannot quite find the school of thought that caters best to them? What can people who wish to follow their road to financial wellness do in order to find the right balance of saving and spending to live out their envisioned lifestyles?

Sometimes, reading and learning from the extremities of people in regards to their money can be overwhelming. We all have to begin somewhere, right? At points on my road to financial wellness I am reverted back to my childhood days of entering a brand new school in a state my family just moved to. Which lunch table am I going to be invited to sit at? It’s enough to make my palms sweat all over again. It essentially strikes back to the fundamentals of fitting in. Do I have to spend beyond my means to keep up with the Jones’, or forego certain spending expenditures in order to prove that I am savvy enough? It may be bold, but I will singlehandedly admit that I question my money decisions when intimidation strikes learning from those and their personal finance successes.

But then I take a step back and recognize that my personal finance situation is mine. My road to financial wellness may be paved with different intentions. 

To me, finding an equilibrium in my relationship with money leads to financial empowerment down my own road. 

And that empowerment is what takes precedence. It leads me to reinstate confidence behind the wheel of my choices and actions. Which allows for me to encourage others to embrace ideals of our relationships with money and support one another.

Finding that equilibrium in my relationship with money takes hard work and commitment. I’ve got to sustain dedication to save to meet my goals, and recognize the right opportunities to spend. It means being vulnerable and open to conversations on money matters with my significant other. It’s reinstating research even post-grad in order to determine the rate of return on my investments, and figure out the value of items before I make a purchase. I’ve got to dig into what I value, and learn that money can actually lead me to more freed up time to be with those that I love. All of the following (and more) lead me down The Road to Financial Wellness.

The following listed items may not appeal to either extreme in terms of relationships with money, and that’s okay. I intend to welcome any and all readers that are working towards whichever goals they may have in a space where they can determine that equilibrium in their relationship with money. I want to invite people to invent what financial empowerment means to them as they travel down their own roads. 

What does financial empowerment look like?

That answer will remain open-ended because each and every individual has their own story.

How can financial empowerment start?

By being transparent when it comes to conversations about money.


Whether it’s with your friends, family, loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, internet connections, or random acquaintances. Get the conversation rolling! You can design your particular equilibrium in your relationship with money by pulling from different sources. Learn aspects of wealth from the rich, come upon early retirement goals from those who have already reached financial independence, learn from hardships that each one of us may have faced in the trenches of financial matters, pick up a personal finance read at the local library. We can take on the ebbs and flow of life by supporting one another to feel financially empowered in whichever way we choose. Whether you picture your road surrounded by blue sprawling sky, lined with fresh fallen snow, accompanied by mountains in the backdrop, soaking in a picturesque sunset, or covered above by stars…financial empowerment will always be just around the corner as long as you take the wheel and steer.


What makes you feel financially empowered? What would you like to talk about when it comes to money? Have you found an equilibrium in your relationship with money? Let’s get this conversation started in the comments below!



3 thoughts on “Finding Equilibrium: #TheRoad to Financial Wellness

  1. You mentioned personal finance books, and while there are tons of great ones, there are so many bad ones. We see some of our friends reading the bad ones and that’s often a conversation, just questioning the wisdom of some of the get rich quick types, or some of those who are much more focused about the lifestyle of rich living rather than saving. We’ve learned so much, it’s hard not to want to share!

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    1. Oh my goodness, I know exactly what you mean about the bad personal finance books! Just like fad diets, “get rich quick” books will surely not lead to great lifestyle financial changes in the long run. It’s a challenge, but implementing the better personal finance habits & maintaining them is key! Finding the community to support those great habits along the way is also important. Thanks for being a part of that supporting community!

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