Rockin’ With Robinhood

That’s right. It’s time for those of us that aren’t typically recognized as investors to get our skin in the game with buying & selling stocks. I’m talking about having the ability to invest in stocks and experience $0 trade fees.

I’m talking about…

rockin’ with Robinhood.

(A big shout out to Sam at for providing me with a sign-up code before Robinhood was offered to the public! Thanks again!)

Now I get it. When you think stocks you may think of yelling people, flailing arms, or a raging Leonardo DiCaprio (Wolf of Wallstreet style, definitely not Titanic). But times are changing. One of the best ways to increase wealth and outpace inflation is to invest in the market in one way, or another.

If the idea of investing leaves you panic stricken let me tell you this…

Investing will make that hard earned money that you worked for, suddenly start working for you.

Because sticking your cash under the mattress, or letting it rest in a checking account/standard savings account will cause that money to lose it’s value in the future (think inflation). Figuring out ways to increase your money’s current value will help with that.

(P.S. if you have debt that you are trying to drive down, or major financial goals you are trying to obtain – I do not recommend investing money in the stock market to accomplish such tasks. People may have a different argument, but I suggest conquering those financial goals first before trying different measures to increase your wealth. If you have money to spare in those ventures without detracting from your goals, then I’d say go for it!).

So here’s my game plan. I’ve got my money systems in place (check out my post automate to alleviate on how I set them up, and how you can too!), I’m investing with Betterment, and I’m contributing to a 401(k) and IRA. I wanted to get involved with more of a single selection stock method. Try out something that I believe I have no expertise on. I can be pretty vivacious when it comes to learning something new then throwing myself out there – sink, or swim kind of stuff. Experiential learning.

To be quite honest, I’m a bit nervous.

But I wanted to be realistic with this journey, so I’m definitely not just throwing in hundreds or thousands of dollars. I understand investing in stocks entails risk. I may even experience some losses. If there is one thing I’ve learned so far it is to not let the emotional factor get the best of you. I’m starting with a small dollar amount for now, and may not even put in much more than the figure I choose. The reason for this impetus to invest & how I chose a dollar amount? I decided to forgo a typical Short Term Reward for this month (Short Term Rewards are things/experiences I set aside money for per month to create a bit of fun & flexibility in my budget – for example, purchasing tickets to a concert) and kick start my experience with Robinhood – because who wouldn’t want in on the ‘future of trading?’ (I’m really feeling that vibe). For me, learning about investing, stocks, and the market is enticing. I get a thrill when I think about pouring over books about investing (who is this girl?!).

Here are a few declarations that may debunk some myths for you:

1. I’m a Millennial who is not afraid of the stock market

2. I’m a female who has taken an interest to investing

3. Personal finance is on the radar for me & many others in my generation


That’s right, I wanted to give a bit of a shock & awe factor. Maybe you find the following 3 declarations to be unbelievable, but I can guarantee that each point is true (if you found yourself here at Generation YRA in the first place, it is probably fairly apparent)! I recognize there is going to be an almost ridiculous amount to learn in this adventure while I’m rockin’ with Robinhood. Heck, I may even be absolutely clueless right now and you may be wondering why I’m even going to be doing this. But I want to show that at the age of 25 with no formal learning of the market & investing, you too can find ways to increase your wealth and net worth. Learning beyond institutional education is a powerful thing. Get out there and challenge yourself to learn something you never thought you were ever capable of doing. That’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of 2015.

Have you tried out Robinhood? Do you invest in stocks? How do you build wealth? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more rockin’ with Robinhood posts & updates…

All my best,




7 thoughts on “Rockin’ With Robinhood

  1. Great to hear! It definitely sounds like you have the right mindset since you can lose money and things will be turbulent, so you need to be ready for some volatility. Like the rotisserie ad says, set it and forget it.

    The best advice I could give is to choose stocks like you we one of the sharks on Shark Tank and giving your money to a set of entrepreneurs rather than trying to trade stocks. Find a company that has a product you believe in, a great management team, and room to grow. Then be ready to buy into the business and see where it takes you. Forget about the ups and downs in the stock price due to the movements of the market. Worry instead about the sales and prospects for the company you select.

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  2. I think it’s great that you are starting your investing journey. These days there really is no excuse not to start investing as companies like Robinhood, Loyal3, Sharebuilder and many others make it free or incredibly cheap to invest in stocks. Build up a portfolio of solid dividend growers and reinvest dividends. By doing do you’ll be creating an every growing passive income stream that you can tap your entire life.

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    1. Thank you! I’m very excited. I started investing at 23, and just two years later I still look forward to doing so. Passive income streams are key and I hope to keep creating them. Thank you for stopping by!

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