My Quarter Life Calmness

Ah yes, if you didn’t guess quite yet today is my 25th Birthday (this post was not solely created to announce that!). Society typically equates turning 25 as their “quarter life crisis.” Maybe about a year or so ago, I may have felt this sense of panic looming. But today I can say that the foreseen crisis has turned to calmness and I am pretty dang proud of that. I would like to take a moment and share with you why. It is my anticipation that the reflection of not succumbing to the idea of a premeditated crisis will allow us to recognize all that we have accomplished (whether turning 25, 30, 47, 65, or even 80 and beyond – this one is for all of us).

Upon reflection, I am sure we can all pinpoint a moment of brilliance. Whether you discovered a new business idea, provided incredible input, helped another, solved a pressing issue, or simply encountered uncharted territory about yourself physically, or philosophically. It’s as if all the chords strike harmoniously & the stars begin to align. Whether it is a silent resounding chorus (or Eye of the Tiger beat), we feel a surge of passion through our veins.

I’d have to say I feel this quite often (with ridiculous, or large thoughts). But often times it may not be as powerful to last for years to come. I had a moment of brilliance this past weekend while visiting my family in the Portland area. The type of brilliance that will maintain an everlasting effect and continue to broadside me in the best way possible. This past weekend made me feel incredibly whole.

I was standing on the backyard patio at my brother and sister & law’s house, shielding my eyes from the sun as I watched my soon to be 3 year old niece hop around in the grass. Her giggles kept floating in the wind, an all-encompassing warmth of a sound. In tow was the newest family addition – a spunky miniature poodle, a living fluff ball of ridiculous energy. The petals of the cherry blossom tree falling delicately around such an innocent scene.

My niece ran down to me, picked two dandelion weeds and handed one to me with the most winningest grin. She directed me to make a wish just by motion, and I knew exactly what to do. It’s amazing how a toddler can command with such playful authority. We counted to three:


The thought that instantaneously came to my mind was wishing for my niece’s love and happiness. My dandelion blew in the wind as time seemed to almost stop. Any moment where someone else’s health, love, passion & best interest comes before your own is beyond powerful. Then the moment of brilliance occurred.

In that moment I wanted to take everything in. Breathe in, and exhale to remember at my most taxing times. I recognized that moments like this: where relationships and the creation of memories trump stress, technology, tragedy, and the like – are the components of life that I feel the most rich. I can make as many investments through retirement plans, stocks, IRAs, real estate, and health savings accounts…but I would feel a void if I did not invest first in those that I love, admire, connect with, and look up to.

So on my 25th Birthday, my wish is for each one of us to take the time to be in one of those moments. Invest ourselves in these moments of brilliance. The people we love and spend time with will always allow us to transcend into the person we aspire to be. With these investments we feel whole, and not on the brink of crisis. We experience moments of brilliance that allow us to feel an air of calmness.

Thank you for being a part of my journey that has led me to my quarter life calmness, I sincerely appreciate it.

All my best,



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