Tapping Into What’s Golden

Happy belated Thanksgiving, all! Hope you enjoyed the holiday with traditions, family, and of course bountiful food. I think I might have consumed enough tryptophan that could honestly send me into hibernation until the new year…yikes. Like other fellow Oregonians, I have been & will be experiencing much of the C&C: craft beer & college football (the infamous Civil War game feat. Oregon State University vs. University of Oregon will be happening this Saturday – yes, I will be there in the stands even at temperatures of 25 degrees & potential snow fall).

In the spirit of the gratefulness that is involved with Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I wanted to share a post that features a way to tap into golden sources of wealth in your life that are…believe it or not…non-monetary. We all know that securing our finances is vital, but sometimes it’s about pinpointing & learning how to grow other sources of wealth in our lives that do not include tangible items or paper. This goes beyond the norm of my usual posts, but quite honestly a few of these here and there will give you a break from the ring of feeling like you’re getting knocked out by dollar signs & interest rates for a quick minute.

You may be questioning, ‘Sources of wealth that do not involve money?’ It may be difficult to sift through the finances that are ridiculously fast-paced through the holidays. Let’s spend a little time tapping into what’s golden:


  • A wealth of knowledge

      • Whether you attended a 4 year university, received your Associates, continue to pick up a book each and every day, watch an educational TED Talk, or attend lectures – education is an infinite continuum.
  • A wealth of relationships

      • From friends, to family, to co-workers, to mentors & beyond – investing in relationships and building a network that will facilitate your growth throughout life.
  • A wealth of inner balance

      • You may choose to mediate, soul search, practice faith, write, or just plain think – exploring your mind creates visions & goals of what you would like to obtain in life.
  • A wealth of physical activity

      • Whether you run 5 miles a day, dance like crazy, bike, walk to your job, or even just do squats from the couch to the TV to turn off Netflix (4 total squats, heck yes!) – it is feasible to increase your heart rate in some fashion at any moment in the day.
  • A wealth of conversations

      • With family, friends, maybe even pets – Okay, so some people say it’s a sign of confidence even if it means you’re talking to yourself (anyone ever have to practice their speech in a mirror before presenting it in lecture? – hey there, Comm 101!)
  • A wealth of time

      • Momentarily, you may feel strapped (…how am I supposed to work, eat, exercise, go to meetings, attend holiday parties, keep up with friends, and watch the full 5 seasons of Breaking Bad all this week to catch up)?! – In reality, time is relative. If you need more time, you can & physically will make it happen.


This list does not even begin to scratch the surface of golden wealth sources in life that are not measured my monetary amount. You choose what you would like to invest in each of these areas of life. If you put your relationships, passions, and physical ability to work they will compound and grow into what you envision them to be. For instance, think people who never ran a day in their life to becoming an avid marathon runner. A person who moved to a new town with 0 friends, but put their best foot forward to get involved with Meetup.com, local organizations and clubs. Someone who is a first generation student in their family that received their diploma. Allow yourself to succumb to viewing your envisioned life on a macro level, versus compartmentalize each aspect in a micro fashion. Yes, the day-to-day nuances can leave us feeling just a tad bit grumpy or down, but what is the broad picture?

If you feel investing 40% of your time to your job (on a micro level) is outlandish, think of how you can invest the other 60% of your time into the holistic picture that completes your life. Suddenly, time seems to be a lot more freed up in that context! The possibilities are absolutely endless.

This is when the non-monetary, golden wealth portion comes in. You have the tools, connections, confidence & personality to create the enriched wealth in all areas of life that you choose. Invest in what makes you the person you would like to be and the wealth that accumulates will be overwhelming.

As examples of these wealth sources from me? I am grateful for each and every viewer that takes the time and consideration in viewing this Generation YRA blog. For all of you (yeah, I’m lookin’ at you!):

  1. Aid me in expanding my personal finance knowledge
  2. Open doors to new & existing relationships with incredible people who are inspired/inspire me
  3. Provide me with a sound inner balance that I am learning to secure my financial present & future
  4. Given me motivation to also take care of not only my financial, but my physical well-being
  5. Generate conversation of topics featured to friends, family, professionals & new acquaintances
  6. Perpetuate my habits of staying organized in order to create time for everything I would like to accomplish daily, weekly and monthly

This list gives me a vast amount of things to smile about as I review my golden sources of wealth. The opportunities that have presented themselves since starting this blog only a few weeks ago are more than I could have ever asked for. As far as I can tell, I am just getting started with this venture. I hope that you continue to follow me, and join in on the Generation Y movement to secure our personal finance journeys.

If you’ve got some time, whip out a piece of paper & jot down all the categories that are sources of golden wealth listed above and how it applies to you. Keep it folded up in your pocket, wallet, purse, or tape it to your bathroom mirror. Leave it at your night stand and read it each night before you fall asleep. You will be flat-out amazed how much golden wealth you have each & every day surrounding you. Just imagine what it will be like just a couple of years from now.

Building your personal finance wealth (monetary, or non-monetary) one blog post at a time…

I hope you had an absolutely fantastic Thanksgiving, ya’ll!

All my best,



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