No Diggity, No Debt

It’s past 9:30pm (my usual week day bedtime), but I felt incredibly empowered to start this new venture of mine.

Lately I have been reading the book The Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can be an Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup by Jaime Tardy. I’ve reached a point in the book where if you feel you have an entrepreneurial spirit (yes! lots of us do), then initiate any type of small business venture to start gaining experience. I instantaneously realized that I have always wanted to blog (this dawned on me while wearing my usual after work sweat pants & sweatshirt, glasses on, hair up look) and I sprinted down the hall to allow my fingers to fly on the keyboard (but really, sometimes I can get up to 90 wpm with minimal errors if I am feeling dedicated).

But then the question came…what in the heck do I blog about?!

It seems as if blogs are the vast majority of hyperlinks that floods the search engine after flocking to We’ve got foodie blogs, health & fitness, photography, weddings, dog’s all there at your very fingertips. The internet, television and social media inundates us with a plethora of entrepreneurial spirits in the world, and it truly is inspiring. Side note: this is in no way to take away from anyones thoughts, opinions, businesses, and/or ideas – you are all wonderful in my book to take the time to write, grow & share through a blogging channel (as I am about to do so myself).

Each day in my morning routine with my cup of coffee I delve into several sources to broaden my knowledge of news, investing, finance, etc. – I read The Skimm, LearnVest, Forbes, Huffington Post, Betterment, New York Times, or whatever peaks my interest while perusing my social media platforms of choice. Since the morning is my time where I feel most inspired, I attempt to avoid any pop culture/entertainment news (I can’t say I always avoid these things, I am guilty of engaging in such news in order to keep up with the times). I guess you could say I’d rather acquire knowledge in the morning of who just won the Nobel Prize (just recently the youngest woman recipient – Malala Yousafzai), or ways to ensure that the dollars I am saving now will have even more power in my retirement. For some reason, the investing research kept enticing me. Somehow I tend to become captivated by topics that I have absolutely zero knowledge about. That is where the impetus comes to learn more. I know there has got to be more recent college graduates like me who want to go beyond the scope of what their education provided through their undergraduate years.

Then I realized where my void came in:

Generation Y personal finance from the perspectives, struggles & triumphs of a fairly clueless – avid learning – make money work for you, don’t just work for it – type of gal.

The coined term you probably hear most is ‘Millennial,’ and although it sounds more sophisticated, I feel that at most times this term is utilized in articles/blogs written for our generation, and not necessarily always voiced from our generation. This void was created once I realized that yes, a lot of financial and investment blogs were out there. But most of the blogs are written by people who are highly credible, possess market intelligence, that are almost daunting figures that I feel I cannot quite relate to. I will admit, it’s actually rather intimidating. So where is the blog that provides advice in layman’s terms? That is where I come in!

So some of you may be thinking with confusion: ‘Alyssa…writing about investing & navigating post grad life…?’ – That’s great! That means I may potentially be crazy. But therein lies the beauty of all of this. I am a fledgling that is learning to fly for the first time (cue in Foo Fighters – Learning to Fly). Why not read about the trial & error processes of a common college graduate taking measures to secure her financial future (no matter how quirky, awful, hilarious, it may be)?

Before I get anymore ahead of myself, here is the breakdown of my (shortened) profile:

  1. Enthusiastic is the one thing that I would like to kick this thing off with. I’ve got an immense amount of energy, curiosity & spirit and I’ve realized I am not afraid to project that each and every day.
  2. I am a 25 year old female Oregon State University Alumni (2012).
  3. Besides the Business & Entrepreneurship minor I graduated with where I dabbled just a tiny bit in finance (Professor Brooks, anyone?), I am actually a Speech Communication major – I am in no way certified to give advice on investing, that is why this blog is strictly opinionated on the methods & ways I am trying/have tried in investing for the future (hopefully that will inspire others to do so as well, even if they feel they may be completely clueless which is exactly where I started).
  4. I am beyond grateful to have landed a job in a mid-sized company making a big impact that empowers it’s employees (I work alongside the Owner who founded the company in 1982 everyday)! I have paid off my lump sum of college debt & have zero credit debt. I am also currently renting for my living situation, and do not own (a trend for most people in Generation Y until they feel ready to buy).
  5. Currently I reside in this pretty awesome city called Eugene. Since I’m from the Portland area, this little gem of a town is pretty comparable. There are endless amounts of arts, activities, craft beer, sporting events, outdoor activities, and not to mention really dang good food (most local restaurants support voting ‘Yes’ on Measure 92 and glorify the farm-to-table concept). Not to mention the cost of living is quite excellent compared to Portland and the surrounding Metropolitan areas, so it leaves a lot of wiggle room to get creative with dollars allocated to investing & rewarding yourself.

So with all of that being said, I encourage you to join me. To get inspired. To take on investing and know that your retirement is within grasp (although some schools of thought make that seem like quite a daunting task – don’t be discouraged by the headlines). Even if the points & accomplishments of our lives do not completely align, I hope that does not make you shy away from reading on about my Generation Y journey into personal finance. Like each and every person I WILL make mistakes (no diggity, no doubt), but it is learning from those that better prepare me for the next best thing.We have the tools within reach, it’s just a matter of being proactive and starting at our earliest convenience. Because starting in your early 20’s, you’re way ahead of the curve. So let me take on the work for you! I’ll research & experiment with the most pressing topics, and you can either try & run with the advice – or tweak it according to your own liking.

In summation, here is what you can expect from this blog:

  • Each Thursday a live blog post featuring a topic revolved around personal finance, investing, saving and navigating a post-grad lifestyle geared towards such topics.

  • A raw, uncut version of the triumphs & potential mistakes from a Millennial with no investment background (we’re talking self-taught & heavy research here). 

  • An open community & forum to reach out to one another for advice, tips, tricks, and the like for a secure financial present & future.

And so the journey begins…

Welcome to the Generation Y Retirement Account: A wealth bank of Millennial personal finance knowledge that will continue to grow. A place where speaking of finances is transparent & all are welcome to share the wealth they have learned and experienced. Enjoy!

*Update as of July 2015: Since starting this blog, I’ve been introduced to several personal finance blogs (many by Millennials) that seriously rock. If you’re wanting to learn more, I encourage you to definitely check them out. Be on the look out for my blog roll link that will list these wonderful sites.


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